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Vscan Air™ CL for
OB/GYN ultrasound

A new standard in handheld ultrasound

Vscan Air CL is the ideal wireless handheld ultrasound for point of care obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound imaging. Optimize clinical workflow by addressing triage and emergent cases with Vscan Air CL, leaving your Voluson™ for advanced assessments. Confirm fetal heart rate and fluid levels quickly with ultrasound that is right in your pocket, whether during antenatals visit or labor and delivery. Provide a unique patient experience with Vscan Air CL.


An in-your-pocket solution for antenatal,
triage, and intrapartum OB/GYN ultrasound

The Vscan Air CL dual-probe is in your pocket for quick clinic, in-patient, or home visit fetal assessments throughout
the pregnancy journey and beyond. With the Vscan Air app, you can perform assessments of the fetal heart rate, head position, status
of amniotic fluid, and other measurements in the moment to help maximize productivity and staff/patient satisfaction.

Vscan Air CL supports key obstetrics, gynecology, and other exam types, including:

Antenatal fetal exams
Assess fetal size
Estimate fetal weight
Evaluate fetal heart rate
Check status of amniotic fluid
Triage with ultrasound
Reassurance when your patient’s
fetal trace isn’t interpretable
Assess fetal head position
Determine angle of progression
Measure endometrial thickness
Evaluate uterine masses and ovarian cysts
Quality images for you and your patients
Make confident assessments and in-the-moment decisions anytime, anywhere* with crystal clear imaging that goes with you to every patient. Why only hear when you can see now with Vscan Air CL for your limited ultrasound assessments?
One device.
Twice the value.
Complete both deep and shallow ultrasound scans with one Vscan Air CL handheld ultrasound probe without compromising image quality.

Designed to put obstetric ultrasound in hand. Built with mother and baby in mind.

Designed and built for both new and experienced handheld ultrasound users to conduct convenient assessments anytime, anywhere.* Accelerate diagnosis and treatment decisions, enhance patient experience, and help optimize your workflow.

* The device has been verified for limited use outside of professional healthcare facilities. Use is restricted to environmental properties described in the user manual.

Vscan Air CL resources

Frequently asked questions

Vscan Air CL is a wireless dual-probe handheld ultrasound for quick imaging and procedural guidance, that is always in your pocket. Allows optimization of the clinic workflow while maximizing patients experience avoiding long and unexpected wait times.

When unplanned Obstetric ultrasound assessments are needed to confirm the health status of the fetus, assessment of fetal size, weight, and heart rate or to rule out/in another immediate concern, Vscan Air CL allows a rapid check.
During labor and delivery Vscan Air CL can help you perform quick assessments of fetal head position, fetal head placement and angle of progression, heart rate so you can be confident in the labor progression.

Yes. OB measurements and worksheet include capabilities for fetal size measurements, amniotic fluid check, angle of progression and estimated fetal weight. And because it’s right in your pocket, you can perform assessments right at the point of care and without tying up your console ultrasound equipment unnecessarily.

Yes! Vscan Air’s easy-to-use probe is paired with an app that is user validated to be intuitive and consistent for healthcare software. User support tools on our Vscan family web portal provide online services to enhance the Vscan Air experience with resources, from product information to clinical and service support. Additional educational resources posted include webinars, thought leadership, further online programs, and training opportunities.

B-mode: Black/white imaging – black-and-white mode for displaying anatomy in two dimensions in real time
Color Doppler: Color flow – color-coded overlay for real-time blood flow imaging
PW: Pulsed wave spectral Doppler – displays speed and direction of blood flow allowing velocity measurements
M-Mode: Motion mode – displays tissue motion over time (along one direction as indicated by M-mode cursor)

Flexible wireless experience includes wireless device connectivity and data sharing to your DICOM® Network server or shared folders. Seamlessly send your image queue during the exam or once connected to your network. Learn more.

Yes! Our world-class cyber security includes auto-delete of images after export, to protect patient information and two-point encryption to keep your data secure. Easily share anonymous exam images or loops to other apps, including your social feed, with just a few taps in the Vscan Air app.

Yes. Vscan Air is designed to be waterproof, military standard drop-tested, flight-ready, ambulance capable and backed by a 1-year warranty. We also back you with local reliable service and support, education tools and on-line resources.

The cleaning and disinfecting procedure is easy to follow. Vscan Air is compatible with high level disinfection. For a listing of compatible cleaning and disinfection agents check here Ultrasound Transducers Cleaning & Disinfection Instructions | GE HealthCare (United States)