LVivo EF APP 680 450 GE Healthcare Staff


* for customers who already have a Vscan Extend R2 model

GE Healthcare has partnered with DiA imaging Analysis, Ltd to provide the LVivo EF App. The first AI powered app, Lvivo EF calculates ejection fraction and end-systolic, end-diastolic left ventricular volumes by automated edge detection of the left myocardial wall using apical 4-chamber views. LVivo EF is available on Vscan Extend R2 Dual Probe and Sector Probe systems.

If you are purchasing this app for a Vscan Extend unit you already own, first confirm the unit is at the R2 software level, then enter the device serial number (In the upper left corner of the device, click the 3 lines to see the menu, then at the bottom click “About”.  Under “APK Software Version” the SW level should be 1.2.0 or higher). If your unit is at the R2 software level, enter the device serial number to add to cart. If your device is not at the R2 software level, please email for a personalized quote to upgrade your device and add the LVivo EF option.