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Vscan Extend™ handheld ultrasound can be used to help confirm and monitor progression of acute respiratory diseases like COVID-19.
It can help clinicians triage patients suffering from acute respiratory and cardiovascular disease with deep and shallow scanning for lungs and cardiovascular conditions with a single probe. It’s portability, ease of use, connectivity (DICOM to PACS or cloud storage solutions) and cleanability makes an ideal tool for diverse care settings such as isolation wards.

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Vscan Extend to Empower your Care

Lung M-Mode
The Lung M-Mode app provides the M-mode capability specifically to support the assessment of lung and documentation of signs like seashore. After entering this lung M-mode tool, a centered vertical M-mode cursor line will be applied to generate the anatomical M-mode display. Such tool will be enabled for linear transducer with lung preset and sector transducer with cardiac preset (the recommended preset for lung assessment with the sector transducer).

LVivo EF*
LVivo EF app is an FDA-cleared EF app that calculates ejection fraction, end-systolic and end-diastolic left ventricular volumes by automated edge detection of the left myocardial wall using apical 4-chamber views. This app has been developed by and licensed from DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd.

Lung Protocol
With Vscan Extend’s Lung Protocol app you can navigate through a systematic lung ultrasound exam. The app automatically activates your scanning preset and annotates each image acquired during the lung exam. You can assess the images qualitatively or leverage a scoring system. You can configure the lung protocol according to your needs

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