포켓사이즈의 크기로 주머니에 넣고 다니면서 환자를 신속하게 검사하고 임상 결정을 내릴 수 있습니다.

수술 전, 후 또는 수술 중 시각적 확인를 할 수 있습니다.

Vscan Extend 는 아래 검사 항목에 필요한 가이드를 제공합니다.

· 국소 마취 시 가이드

· 내부 출혈 확인

· 위 내용물 검사

· 수술 후 소변 정체 검사

· 약물 및 수액 라인 배치

Need help deciding which Vscan is right for you?

The Vscan family of handheld ultrasound solutions – Vscan Extend – enables clinicians to easily image patients at the point of care.
  • Two transducers. One probe.
  • Clear images for informed decisions.
  • Easy to use. Every day.
  • Support in every scan.
  • Backed by GE Healthcare’s legacy of handheld ultrasound innovation.

Vscan Extend

Dedicated, hardwired device with 5″ touchscreen

Designed for broad clinical utility with dual probe

Well-suited for advanced focused cardiac assessments**

Sector and linear transducers

View in portrait mode

Wirelessly export images to Tricefy™

Personalize your device with access to apps – LVivo EF, Urinary Bladder Volume, Lung M-Mode and more

** Vscan Extend is suited for a focused, standardized assessment of the cardiac size, structure and function at the point-of-care including LV function and significant structural and valvular function abnormalities, in addition to meeting the aforementioned guidelines.

Products mentioned in the material may be subject to government regulation and may not be available in all countries. Shipment and the effective sale can only occur after approval from the regulator. Please check with your local GE representative for details.