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Vscan Air™ SL for cardiovascular ultrasound

A new standard in handheld ultrasound

Take Vscan Air SL anywhere with wireless freedom and maximum portability. Vscan Air SL is a dual-probe handheld ultrasound with a sector-phased array on one side and linear array on the other. The sector array is ideal for focused cardiac exams and the linear array for vascular assessments. No need to go looking for your ultrasound — it’s right in your pocket.

GE HealthCare Handheld Ultrasound image

An always-with-you solution for
focused cardiac and vascular assessments

The Vscan Air SL dual-probe can easily be incorporated into your daily practice. It’s in your pocket so you’re ready for point-of-care assessments, including LV function assessments, procedures, quick triage exams, rounds in the ICU, and more. The right tools in-hand can help get you to the answers you need right away and get patients to the right next steps faster.

Vscan Air SL supports key cardiovascular and other exam types, to evaluate for:

Left ventricular hypertrophy
LV and RV size and function
Pericardial fluid
Pulmonary congestion
Systolic and diastolic function
Ultrasound-guided arterial catheterization
Valve function
Valve regurgitations/stenosis
Volume size and responsiveness/IVC size respiratory variation
Volume status and fluid responsiveness
Quality images at the heart of patient care
Our proprietary SignalMax™ + XDclear™ technology sets a new standard in handheld cardiac ultrasound by miniaturizing the power of XDclear to deliver extraordinary image quality with our sector-phased array transducer. The Vscan Air SL combines the power of SignalMax high-intensity signal processing with industry-leading single crystal transducer technology for the exceptional penetration, resolution, and sensitivity you need for matters of the heart.
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One device.
Twice the value.
Complete both deep and shallow ultrasound scans with one Vscan Air SL handheld ultrasound probe without compromising image quality.

Designed with cardiology in mind.
Built to take patient care to heart.

Designed and built for both new and experienced handheld ultrasound users with focused cardiac assessments in mind. Vscan Air SL delivers crystal clear cardiac images anytime, anywhere *. Start scanning faster, streamline your workflow, easily share anonymous images, and more so you don’t miss a beat.

* The device has been verified for limited use outside of professional healthcare facilities. Use is restricted to environmental properties described in the user manual.

Vscan Air SL resources

Frequently asked questions

Vscan Air SL allows you to make rapid cardiac and vascular assessments at the point of care. It can uniquely deliver an “always with me solution” in an ultraportable dual-probe with exceptional image quality which can result in a reduced number of differential diagnoses, decreased time to diagnose and treat. Vscan Air SL dual-probe offers deep and shallow scanning in a single device with a sector transducer on one end and linear on the other.

Vscan Air SL allows cardiac and hemodynamic assessment for adult and pediatric patients (pediatric population for cardiac application defined as minimum body weight 40 Kg and above).

Most common evaluations include:
• Pericardial fluid
• LV and RV size and function
• Systolic and diastolic function
• Valvular regurgitations/stenosis
• Volume status and responsiveness
• IVC size
• Respiratory variation
For a complete list of evaluations, check Vscan-Air-Indications-Reference-Guide (

B-mode: Black/white imaging – black-and-white mode for displaying anatomy in two dimensions in real time

Color Doppler: Color flow – color-coded overlay for real-time blood flow imaging

PW: Pulsed wave spectral Doppler – displays speed and direction of blood flow allowing velocity measurements

M-Mode: Motion mode – displays tissue motion over time (along one direction as indicated by M-mode cursor)

Vscan Air supports 50 mins continuous scan time (with new and fully charged battery, using 80% grey scale and 20% color imaging). Recharge battery from 10% to 90% capacity in 75 minutes.

Flexible wireless experience includes wireless device connectivity and data sharing to your DICOM® Network server or shared folders. Seamlessly send your image queue during the exam or once connected to your network. Learn more: Vscan-Air-SL-datasheet (

Yes! Our world-class cyber security includes auto-delete of images after export, to protect patient information and two-point encryption to keep your data secure. Easily share anonymous exam images or loops to other apps, including your social feed, with just a few taps in the Vscan Air app.

Yes. Vscan Air is designed to be waterproof, military standard drop-tested, flight-ready, ambulance capable and backed by a three-year warranty. We also back you with local reliable service and support, education tools and on-line resources.

The cleaning and disinfecting procedure is easy to follow. Vscan Air is compatible with high level disinfection. For a listing of compatible cleaning and disinfection agents check here: Ultrasound Transducers Cleaning & Disinfection Instructions | GE HealthCare (United States)