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A portable ultrasound that allows providers to accelerate treatment decisions at the point of care.

Introducing Vscan Air™ – a wireless handheld ultrasound system that helps you make clinical decisions by quickly ruling in or out certain conditions.

Add a visual scan before, during, or after surgery.

Handheld ultrasound provides the procedural guidance you need to deliver regional anesthesia, check for internal bleeding, investigate gastric contents, examine postoperative urinary retention, or place lines for medications and fluids.

Power of a high-performance system in a wireless solution.

Clear images. Informed decisions.

Vscan Air delivers exceptional images to provide the procedural ultrasound guidance you need to deliver regional anesthesia, check for internal bleeding, or place lines for medications and fluids.

Break free.

An outstanding companion in the surgical suite. With no cables to get in the way of your procedures or contaminate the sterile field, Vscan Air is a trusted companion in the surgical suite and at the patient bedside.

Dual-probe power.

Use the linear probe for procedural guidance during vascular access and regional anesthesia. Use the curved probe to assess the abdomen, check for signs of bleeding during laparoscopic procedures, and investigate other signs of trauma.

By your side.

Make the most of your system with the easy-to-use design, backed by GE HealthCare educational tools and a 3-year warranty.

Vscan Air. Ready when you are.

Need help deciding which Vscan is right for you?

The Vscan family of handheld ultrasound solutions – Vscan Air and Vscan Extend – enables clinicians to easily image patients at the point of care.
  • Two transducers. One probe.
  • Clear images for informed decisions.
  • Easy to use. Every day.
  • Support in every scan.
  • Backed by GE HealthCare’s legacy of handheld ultrasound innovation.

Vscan Air

Wireless freedom.
Use your own mobile device*

Designed for whole body scanning with dual probe

Well-suited for basic or limited focused cardiac assessments**

Convex and high frequency linear transducers

View in both portrait and landscape modes

Flexible wireless dataflows, no cloud required

Share anonymized images via mobile apps

* Compatible with a range of Android™ and iOS® smartphones and tablets
** Vscan Air is suited for the assessment of pericardial effusion and tamponade, cardiac activity, global assessment of contractility, and the detections of central venous volume status to meet the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) 2020 Policy Statement for Emergency Ultrasound Guidelines

Vscan Extend

Dedicated, hardwired device with 5″ touchscreen

Designed for broad clinical utility with dual probe

Well-suited for advanced focused cardiac assessments**

Sector and linear transducers

View in portrait mode

Personalize your device with access to apps – LVivo EF, Urinary Bladder Volume, Lung M-Mode and more

** Vscan Extend is suited for a focused, standardized assessment of the cardiac size, structure and function at the point-of-care including LV function and significant structural and valvular function abnormalities, in addition to meeting the aforementioned guidelines.

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