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Vscan™ family of handheld ultrasound systems for Women’s Health.

Make ultrasound part of the daily routine in your OB/GYN practice, L&D and during patient rounds. Vscan Air™ is a wireless handheld ultrasound system that helps you make clinical decisions by quickly ruling in or out certain conditions. It’s an essential tool for a variety of exams and can help you reassure patients with immediate clinical information.

Vscan Air, the newest member of the Vscan family, is wireless and works with compatible mobile devices1 so you can quickly rule in or out a variety of conditions. It is one of the smallest lightweight handheld ultrasound devices with the exceptional image quality and advanced visualization software that Vscan Family users have come to rely on for quick clinical insights. Experience handheld ultrasound without compromising on portability or image quality.

Available right away, wherever you need it.2

Efficiently perform obstetric and gynecological ultrasound exams without a console system in the exam room and without waiting for a system to become available. It gives you critical visual information at your fingertips. With its remarkable image quality, Vscan Air may help you quickly decide on next steps4 for your patients, potentially saving them time.

Designed for the rigors of your clinical environment, including the office, hospital, and home visits, Vscan Air withstands everyday handling, from scratches to drops.3


Optimized for common obstetric and gynecological exams, including:

Biophysical Profile (Breathing Movement, Tone, Amniotic Fluid)
(Including Low Lying and Previa)
(Fibroids, Cysts)

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Vscan Air

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Why Vscan Air?


By your side. From your first scan to experienced use.

Make the most of your system every day with Vscan Air’s easy-to-use design backed by GE HealthCare’s support and educational tools for obstetric and gynecological ultrasound. Start scanning-even if you’re new to ultrasound. And when you need support, let our team of experts and partners, as well as education tools, hands-on courses and online materials help
you feel confident in your skills.

GE HealthCare’s renowned security and support is built into every purchase for peace of mind. We can provide what you need to get started now and continue developing your use of Vscan Air in the future, including store-and-share capabilities, advanced on-board system diagnostics and remote support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Vscan Air’s easy-to-use probe is paired with an app that is user validated to be intuitive and consistent for healthcare software.

User support tools on our Vscan family web portal provide online services to enhance the Vscan Air experience with resources, from product information to clinical and service support. Additional educational resources posted include webinars, thought leadership, further online programs and training opportunities.
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We know that in Obstetrics, a sonographer’s time is highly valued. The Vscan Air allows clinicians to perform basic checks quickly, freeing up the sonographer’s time to perform more extensive evaluations like a 20-week anatomy scan, biophysical profile (BPP), etc.

Vscan Air handheld ultrasound configures to your practice’s needs. The ultrasound system facilitates a flexible wireless workflow, making it easy to send images and data wherever you need them to be stored or shared.

Exams can be manually labeled with patient information. Vscan Air synchronizes on-board DICOM® Modality Worklist on request. Such worklist supports consistent labeling of images, videos and exams before exporting to DICOM® PACS.

Data for up to 500 exams can be stored on mobile device and is stored in generic formats: jpg for still frames, mpg for videos. Complementing storage of binary image data can be selected.

All data is organized as individual examinations with collection of images and can be linked with patient identification and can be recalled for review. All saved data will be secured with FIPS 140-2 compliant database encryption.

Vscan Air uses GE HealthCare’s industry-leading dual-probe (2-in-1) technology enabling you to scan patients effortlessly without switching probes between, or during, exams. Each side of Vscan Air’s dual probe is designed to see more detail with no compromise on image quality – either deep in the body or just below the skin. Scans can be completed more efficiently with one device to help you assess and address both adult and pediatric patients’ most common conditions.5;

The curved transducer for deep scanning supports B-mode, color doppler and harmonic imaging modes. It operates from 2-5 MHz frequency and maximum depth of 24 cm. Specific clinical applications and exam types include: abdominal, fetal/obstetrics, gynecological, urology, thoracic/lung, cardiac (adult and pediatric, 40 kg and above), vascular/peripheral vascular, musculoskeletal (conventional), pediatrics, interventional guidance (includes free hand needle/catheter placement, fluid drainage, nerve block and biopsy).

The high frequency linear transducer for shallow scanning supports B-mode, color doppler and harmonic imaging modes. It operates from 3-12 MHz with a maximum depth of 8 cm. Specific clinical applications and exam types include: vascular/peripheral vascular, musculoskeletal (conventional and superficial), small organs, thoracic/lung, ophthalmic, pediatrics, neonatal cephalic, interventional guidance (includes free hand needle/catheter placement, fluid drainage, nerve block, vascular access and biopsy).

Your Vscan Air handheld ultrasound system comes with a 1-year standard warranty, which includes remote technical support and repair depot support. You will have access to one of the largest support teams and some of the most knowledgeable engineers in the industry, aiding you in being productive and successful.

  1. Works with a range of Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
  2. The device has been verified for limited use outside of professional healthcare facilities. Use is restricted to environmental properties described in the user manual.
  3. Vscan Air probe withstands drops tested to military drop standards (MIL-810G). IP67 waterproof, compatible with high-level disinfection techniques.
  4. Andersen & Dalen – Diagnostic Influence of Routine Point-of-Care Pocket-size Ultrasound Examinations Performed by Medical Residents – J Ultrasound Med.; Filopei & Kory 2014 – Impact of Pocket Ultrasound Use by Internal Medicine House Staff in the Diagnosis of Dyspenea; Maw & Soni 2018 – Inpatient Notes: Why Should Hospitalists Use Point-of-Care Ultrasound? – Annals for Hospitals
  5. Dual probe supports 90% of the most clinically relevant diagnostic exams (based on GE HealthCare internal assessment of American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Policy Statement for Emergency Ultrasound Guidelines, 2020).

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